Promax Water Tanks

Promax designs and manufactures quality liquid storage and transportation products to the New Zealand market. Promax has a dedicated business development team who work alongside design engineers to continue developing and producing a comprehensive range of new improved superior products that not only look good but have maximum functionality.

Product Range – Storage Tanks

Promax has an extensive catalogue of tanks suitable for multiple applications. Promax water tanks included insulated tanks, industrial molasses and fertiliser tanks. Milk transport tanks are ideal for moving milk and colostrum around the farm. Milk tanks are made from food grade approved materials.  For underground storage, Promax offers tanks suitable for storm water retention or detention, designed by geotechnical experts to withstand ground and water pressure at depth.  Septic tanks are constructed of polyethylene and comply with Australian and Zealand standards for waste water and chemical storage.  Promax’s vertical pump chambers are suitable for rain-harvesting and storm and waste water storage.

Product Range – Rain Harvesting

Promax can supply necessary rain harvesting products and accessories including pumps and covers, tank level indicators and various fittings. Convenient Promax Pump Kits come with everything needed to install the pump and utilises the renowned Grundfos water pump. Tank level indicators are a simple way of monitoring tank water levels, removing the risk of running dry and damaging the tank pump. Promax’s Tank Vacs work to clean the bottoms of tanks and remove settled materials to keep water more hygienic.

Product Range – Drainage

Promax have a range of tough, high quality, light weight, ribbed polyethylene culverts and flumming. These are designed for easy install and to go the distance.

Why Promax?

  • Promax has a product range that is suitable for all liquid storage and transportation requirements from the smaller residential property to the large working farm.
  • A key point of difference is Promax’s corrugated water tanks, which are ultra-strong and made to last.
  • Promax produce the only plastic water tanks in New Zealand that retain a 20 year warranty even when buried 1 metre deep.
  • Promax uses long life UV stabilised polyethylene to protect the integrity of the tank. The polyethylene used is extra safe and food grade certified.
  • Promax provides insulation options to reduce energy usage.
  • Water tanks are constructed as a single piece, which means that maintenance and associated costs are reduced when compared to multiple piece tanks.
  • Promax has a massive range of colours, sizes and designs to complement any project while still maintaining superior performance. Sizes range from 120 litre to 30,000 litres.
  • Promax has options for all budget levels, the XPRESS tanks are great value for money.
  • Promax has the largest oven in New Zealand and can manufacture up to 6.5 metres in length and diameter, which is ideal for any custom build projects.