Puretec Water Filtration

Puretec has been passionate about perfecting water in New Zealand since the 1980’s and is dedicated to manufacturing premium water filtration products.  Puretec’s commitment to investing in continued research and development has resulted in Puretec’s broad and market leading product range. All products are of the highest uncompromised quality, while remaining great value. Puretec water filtration products are issued with industry standard warranties.

Puretec uses smart technology to ensure that better tasting water is affordable. For the conservation minded, rain water filters allow for safe consumption of collected rain water in domestic and commercial applications. Puretec filters are designed to remove bacteria and other contaminants such as fluoride and iron, making water safer for consumption.  Puretec filters are robust and require minimal maintenance and longer filter life technology ensures maximum contaminant capacity and an increased filter life.

Applications suitable for Puretec Water Filtration

Mains Water

  • Under sink filters are an easy way to achieve great tasting water. Filters can be mounted vertically or horizontally to mains water taps , which means there is no requirement for shelf cut outs. Quick and easy to install.
  • Whole house mains filters can be fitted to any size home or office and allows clean and healthy drinking water throughout the entire building. This filtration system is perfect for those conscious of sediment and chemicals present in water, wanting to protect ceramic disc taps or prolong the life of appliances.

Rain Water

  • Under sink filters are designed and manufactured specifically for rain water. These filters create safe drinking water from collected rainwater.
  • Puretec manufactures a range of water filtration products specifically designed to filter rainwater distributed to the entire house.Choose from filter options such as the basic sediment, taste and odour remover to the sludge and sediment remover a or complete bacteria protection filter.

Water Softening

Dissolved ions such as calcium, magnesium, manganese and iron cause water to become hard, resulting in a build-up of scale, staining surfaces and depositing in pipework.  Puretec’s Softrol system has 25 years’ experience and the latest innovation behind it. The Softrol systems softens water by reducing ions present in the water. This process can lengthen the life of appliances, creates easier cleaning, cleaner laundry, softer skin and generates energy savings.

Shower Filter Systems

Remove unwanted chlorine from your shower water by installing a Puretec’s shower filter. Filters are quick and easy to install and fits onto any shower head or hand shower. The cartridge lasts 1 year and requires no re-pluming on installation.

Puretec also provides filtration systems for commercial rainwater reuse, caravans and food industry and coffee services. Puretec has an extensive range of water filter cartridges which are suitable for a variety of sizes and brands of filter.  Purchase of Puretec systems includes all necessary fittings and instructions for easy installation.