Bauer Irrigation Systems

Bauer was first established in 1930 when founder Rudolf Bauer begun manufacturing slurry and waste water pumps and developed his first high-pressured manure pump in Austria.It was in the early 1970’s that Bauer first begun manufacturing and distributing an innovative new irrigation system that was designed to substantially reduce the labour required to irrigate large agricultural acreage. With the reel system Bauer was able to revolutionise the world of irrigation, now Bauer’s Rainstar Traveller irrigation system is one of the most popular choices when there is a requirement to supply large volumes of water. Over the last 80 years, Bauer has recognised the trend of an ever-growing global population and  subsequently identified that traditional agricultural methods cannot meet the rising demands for food.

Bauer prides themselves of being ahead of the time and is continually working towards developing new technology and system solutions for irrigation management and liquid manure. The agricultural industry now needs resource management and an efficient soil management system to ensure maximum yield and these now appear to be an indispensable tool. Bauer understands its customers need a reliable, durable and efficient irrigation and manure systems. Bauer’s Rainstar system is designed with this is mind and its hot dip galvanised steel construction is testament to their commitment to synthesis of technology, durability, robustness and design. All Bauer’s products are designed to meet the highest quality standards and are manufactured to meet strict European standards.


Bauer has a focus on irrigation systems, slurry technology, pipes and fittings. Bauer’s intelligent irrigation management systems enable precise distribution of water to every part of the land regardless of the terrain. By using Bauer irrigation systems, you can ensure increased crop growth and therefore increased yield. Irrigation products include:

  • PIVOT and LINEAR systems
  • Sprinklers
  • Irrigation booms
  • Diesel pump units
  • SmartRain
  • Pipe irrigation
  • FAMOS tractor gear pumps


Bauer’s slurry technology means that liquid manure can be as valuable as fertilizer. A core component of Bauer’s business is ensuring the correct handling, preparation and distribution of liquid manure making them specialists in this field. Bauer’s systems provide leading solutions for cattle, hog, chicken and other agricultural waste water. Slurry system products include:

  • Irrigation
  • Slurry technology
  • Agitation technology
  • Pumping technology
  • Separation technology
  • Premium tankers
  • Waste water and slurry sprinkler

Piping & Fittings

Bauer’s light high-strength, hot-dipped galvanized steel piping and fittings ensure that getting liquid from A to B is problem free even for the most demanding applications. Bauer supplies a great selection of piping and fittings:

  • Coupling pipes
  • Riser pipe and riser pipe couplings
  • Galvanized Carts
  • HKA Fittings
  • Custom-made products
  • Sprinklers
  • HKS quick coupling pipes
  • Rubber sealing ring

Bauer understands time is money so ensures that there are many dealers worldwide to stock a comprehensive list of replacement parts to minimize down time. Bauer is dedicated to providing sustainable and economic solutions and strive to ensure their entire customer base is satisfied.